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Qigong is an element of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and complements acupuncture in the treatment of many conditions. Qigong translates as nurturing. Its purpose is to nurture mind, body and soul, or spirit, so as to promote healthy energy, healing and wellbeing. For certain conditions, Qigong is a preparation for the effective intervention of acupuncture in the rebalancing, stimulation, unblocking of energy in specific areas of the body system or more generally so as to affect particular conditions or to promote healthy body/mind functions

Qigong involves stillness (sitting, standing and lying down), movement, massage, tapping or drumming and visualisation. The whole-body movements are gentle, undemanding, and focused, using the key principles of alignment, centring,coordination and breathing techniques.  Its purpose is to become as relaxed as possible in movement. Qigong is sometimes referred to as meditation in movement.

Qigong is particularly effective in treating otherwise intractable or chronic conditions such as ME, MS, Meniere’s Disease, IBS, Hypertension, joint and back pain. It is effective, too, in the treatment and management of emotional issues, including depression and extreme mood swings. It can positively affect body systems such as fertility, digestion, respiration and removing toxins. It is an aid to the recovery of mobility and coordination following an operation or stroke.
Traditionally, acupuncture and Qigong are used to maintain good health and prevent illness. Qigong is particularly effective in the prevention of the onset of senility, heart problems and stroke.

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