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Tony Bennett has joined in partnership with Lunesdale Acupuncture to offer one to one training in Tai Chi & Qigong to patients.

These therapies are enormously complimentary to acupuncture treatment and give patients the tools to help support their own health between treatments.

Tony has a Diploma in Stress Management Training, a qualification in Person-centred Counselling and certificate in Emotional Freedom Technique. He has trained in Qigong for Health, alongside the practice of Tai Chi, and is a Registered Instructor of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. This followed a major interruption in his life caused by the onset of Meniere’s Disease after training and practicing as a Town Planner in London.

Tony’s return to health started with extensive acupuncture treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment led to an interest in the wider aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the role of stress on the health of the mind, body and spirit. His focus now is on Qigong, which he has taught for 15 years.


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