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Luxurious Facial Acupuncture in Kirkby Lonsdale

Facial Acupuncture; Like a Facial with Long-Lasting Benefits

Facial Acupuncture has become all the rage within fashionable circles with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna who use Chinese Medical treatments to improve their looks. The treatment itself is luxurious and relaxing and patients report feeling relaxed, and reinvigorated after treatment. It is like going for a facial with longer lasting benefits!

Facial Acupuncture Treatment Protocol

With facial revitalisation treatment at Lunesdale Acupuncture there is a set 60 minute treatment which involves a number of separate components. Detailed below is what you can expect from treatment.

1) Acupuncture The treatment uses 3-4 body points to ground and invigorate the Qi. The areas of the face treated are the scalp, jawline, brow line, cheeks and eyebag area. After discussion with the patient, any wrinkles, scars or problem areas will be treated. Please note that no needles are left in for more than 30 minutes and all needles used are designed for pain free insertion.

2) Cooling Treatment (Derma Roller) After removal of the needles I would run a sterile derma roller over the face and neck. This not only cools but it also invigorates the dermis layer of the skin bringing blood and Qi to the surface of the skin.

3) Tui Na Massage Using disinfected hands with talcum powder, the practitioner gives a short Tui Na massage concentrating on invigorating the muscles of the face, promoting the drainage of the lymph gland and massaging along the meridans and acupuncture points in the face and neck.

4) Warming Treatment (Tiger Warmers) After the massage we will run tiger warmers containing Moxa the Chinese herb over the patients face to warm and nourish the patient's skin.

5) Application of Moisturiser (1-2 minutes) Finishing with moisturiser gives the skin a luminous quality and having already prepped the skin, moisturising now it really nourishes the skin.

6) Japanese Tai Shen Massage Tool I finish by running this non-insertive needle over the clothes down the shoulders, arms and legs to move Qi from the face and down out of the body. This completes the treatment and takes seconds but feels wonderful!


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