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Acupuncture Techniques at the Lunesdale Acupuncture Clinic in Kirkby Lonsdale

The Needles

At the Lunesdale Acupuncture Clinic we use only the best quality needles from Japan. They are all disposable one use needles made from triple shined stainless steel and are thrown after each use into a sharps box. When full the sharps boxes are incinerated. They are all used with a guide tube to guarantee sterility and reduce friction by creating a taut skin surface to needle into meaning that you can have pain free needle insertion.

Tonification and Sedation Techniques

When needling you want to either calm a point or simulate it to promote energetic change. Tonification is a way of needling which we use most commonly and this is done to promote energy flow within the meridians and to stimulate energetic change for example to stop stagnation and blocks. Sedation is the opposite and used in full conditions where you need to energy to calm.


Occasionally we use moxa which is a Chinese herb which is burnt to warm cold joints to help with painful conditions such as arthritis. The Moxa is created from mugwort a small shrub which burns extremely hot and by burning on a acupuncture point you can get the heat deep into the joints which can ease pain and increase mobility. The herb is usually in the form of a stick or cone.


Electroacupuncture can be used when treating a patient with chronic pain. By putting a small electrical charge through the needle you are giving extra stimulation to the nervous system to stimulate the body’s natural healing response.

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