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Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese style acupuncture can trace its roots back to the dissemination of acupuncture from central China in roughly 590-617AD this tradition has grown and now has a distinctly Japanese flavour.

Japanese style treats using a roots and branches theory and often points are chosen along meridians that will affect the area the ailment lies rather than using local treatment points.

Japanese style is particularly know for palpation and often a patient will be asked for feedback about a particular sore spot before and after needling, so unlike other techniques a patient will often feel immediate benefits.

The needles used within Japanese style are particularly fine and the technique used in insertion is a pain free technique so maybe particularly appropriate for those with needle anxiety.

The school of Japanese acupuncture I trained is Kikko Matsumoto style. Kikko is international renowned and travels across the globe training people in her unique blend of palpation and treatment.

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